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LCCC Catalog 2022-2023 
    Jul 22, 2024  
LCCC Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The STEM program is designed for students who wish to explore a wide range of career options in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics in anticipation of selecting a degree in one of these specific fields.

After the first semester of this program, students will either branch off into a specific STEM program or work closely with their advising team to select appropriate courses. Students will have the opportunity to accomplish their individual career/academic goals and interests and ensure their credits/time to graduation are minimized. This degree offers necessary course work to transfer to a four-year university, allowing students to pursue a general baccalaureate degree or further education in STEM. Many careers in STEM will require advanced degrees.

Contact Information

Contact information is available on the Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math website.

Map your individual academic plan of courses with your College Advisor.

If students choose to transition to another program within the STEM pathway, they should be particularly aware of the choice points that indicate when a decision to branch off into another program must be made to ensure credits and time are not lost.

Coursework common to all degrees within this pathway is indicated by CAC, Common Academic Coursework, in the program map. 


Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Solve problems in the fields of STEM.
  2. Follow ethical standards in STEM.
  3. Effectively communicate in the STEM fields.
  4. Examine STEM fields in historical and contemporary contexts.

First Semester

Choice Points

  • Students pursuing a degree in natural science should take BIOL 1010 .
  • Students choosing to pursue an Associate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Natural Sciences will need to change programs of study following their first semester. Students should work with their Advising Team when making that change.
  • See Program Comments below regarding Math course options if students place higher than MATH 1400 .

Course Requirements


  • Completion MATH 1400  or higher as a prerequisite for other courses.

Semester Total: 13-15 Credits

Second Semester

Choice Points

  • Students who did not take BIOL 1010  in the 1st semester need to take BIOL 1010 .
  • Students who completed BIOL 1010  in the first semester should choose two courses from the list below.
  • Students choosing to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Math should work with their advising team to select from approved electives.
  • See Program Comments below regarding Math course options if students place higher than MATH 1405 .

Course Requirements


  • Completion of college level English.

Semester Total: 12-15 Credits

*Credits for BIOL 1010  are counted once even though the course is listed twice.

Third Semester (Generally Summer)

Course Requirements

Semester Total: 7 Credits

Fourth Semester

Course Requirements

Semester Total: 13-14 Credits

Fifth Semester

Course Requirements

  • Choose an approved Creative Expression   course Credits: 3 | CAC
  • Choose an approved STEM elective course Credits: 3-4
  • Choose an approved STEM elective course Credits: 3-4
  • Choose an elective Credits: 3
  • Choose an elective Credits: 3


  • Completion of the LCCC general education core and eligible for the Interstate Passport.

Semester Total: 15-17 Credits

Program Credit Hour Total: 60-68 Credits

Approved Program Electives

Students may choose from the following approved STEM elective subjects: 

Recommended electives:

Program Comments

The STEM program may take longer than two years for students whose initial math course is not Calculus I due to the prerequisites of the math courses. Students should enroll in the highest-level math course for which they qualify. Starting in a course above MATH 1400  will reduce the credit hours needed to complete this degree, and may not require a summer semester. Students should work closely with their Advising Team.

The information below is intended to be a guide, and does not guarantee regional job placement, job availability, or a specific wage after completion of the program. Additional information on careers in STEM is available through Career Coach.

Transfer Information

The STEM program is well suited for transfer to a Bachelor degree. LCCC courses may transfer to institutions in addition to those with formal articulation agreements. Students are strongly encouraged to determine the degree requirements and transfer policy of the specific college/university and program to which they plan to transfer. 

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