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LCCC Catalog 2024-2025 
    Jul 23, 2024  
LCCC Catalog 2024-2025

Managerial, Professional, and Classified Staff

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Christopher Allen, Coordinator, Concept Forge

Michael Anaya, Custodian II

Melissa Aragon, Technician, Accounting I

Lugo Arenas, Head Coach, Women’s Soccer

Andrew Asquith, Coach, Student Success

Mark Augustin, Safety Officer

Jordyn Aumiller, Custodian I

Dallas Bacon, Assistant, Executive Administrative III

La Rita Balken, Specialist, Grounds I

Janine Bangerter, Manager, ACC Operations & Support

Joshua Barrere, Analyst, Cyber Security

Sandra Baxter, Technician, Accounting I - Payables

Aaron Bell, Specialist, Systems & Technology Support

Shauna Best, Technician, Accounting II

Nicole Beumer, Assistant, Administrative III, ACC Operations

Jeff Binstock, Safety Officer

Tim Bjornson, Administrator, SQL Database

Jesse Blair, Director, Risk Management & Campus Safety

Brooke Blystone, Specialist, Student Services 

Holbie Brown, Teacher

Logan Brown, Custodian I

Courtney Bruch, Director, Institutional Assessment

Celia Brunner, Cook, Prep

Doug Brunner, Executive Chef

David Buchmeier, Technician, Mechanical/HVAC

Ken Bunya, Director, Systems & Technology Support

Caleb Burggraaf,  Manager, Sports Information

Brandy Burns, Assistant, Administrative III

Hannah Butterfield, Specialist, Marketing

Justin Campbell, Chef, Sous

Gary Carlson, Custodian II

Sarah Charron, Trainer, Athletics

Andrea Clubb, Coordinator, Office of Student Accommodations

Colby Collier, Supervisor, Custodial Services

Abbie Connally, Director, Contracting & Procurement

Mary Contreras, Supervisor, Residential Custodial Services

Katie Cover, Development Officer, Event Coordination

Edie Cox, Manager, Application Support

Mikaela Cox, Custodian I, Residential Living

Dave Curry, Manager, Advanced Manufacturing & Material Center

Cathy Curtis, Assistant, Administrative I

Jonathan Dachel, Finish Carpenter

Christine DeBruyn, Associate Teacher

Pam DeMartin, Supervisor, Accounting & Payroll

Shawnie DeTavernier, Teacher

D’Ann Dickinson, Assistant, Executive Administrative I

Melissa Dishman, Specialist, HR Benefits

Cindy Downey, Associate Teacher

Raymond Dykstra, Custodian II

Shawn Eby, Director, Dining Services

Bernadette Espinoza, Fixed Asset & Procurement Assistant

Justine Essex, Manager, GEAR UP

Rick Evelo, Manager, Grounds Maintenance

Bobby Farnes, Supervisor, Trades Technicians

Chelsea Felton, Coordinator, GEAR UP

Auri Fermelia,  Specialist, HR Hiring & Recruitment

Dean Finnerty, Interim Head Coach, Rodeo

Valerie Flores, Associate Teacher

Jessica Ford, Coordinator, ACC Teaching & Learning Center

Robbie Fugate, Cook, Grill 

Kathleen Fulks, Associate Teacher

Joel Funk, Specialist, Marketing

Kevin Gallagher, Dishwasher (PM)

Melissa Gallant, Specialist, Facilities & Events

Hollie Galluzzo, Coach, Student Success

Shayne Gancze, Technician, Audiovisual I

Aurie Garcia-Munter, Coordinator, Counseling & Campus Wellness

Ashley Garhart, Coordinator, Student Engagement & Diversity 

Bre Garton, Coach, Student Success

Tyrell Garton, Coach, Student Success

Julie Gerstner, Director, Project Management

Vince Gibson, Assistant Director, Athletics & Recreation

Darla Giordano, Teacher, Substitute

Christie Goertel, Program Manager, Outreach & Workforce Development

Justin Gorman, Development Officer, Scholarships & Annual Giving

Rachel Greenwalt,  Assistant, Administrative II (Student Life)

Joe Gricar, Coach, Student Success

Jenna Groendal, Director, Learning Commons

Taylor Guerra, Coordinator, GEAR UP

Marie Gulizia, Custodian I

Florenda Gutierrez, Manager, Catering 

Raymond Gutierrez, Finish Carpenter

Allison Hale, Specialist, Student Services

Rakhshi Hamid, Director, Center for Secondary Students

Jason Hamilton, Specialist, Grounds I

Cooper Harden,  Cook, Grill (AM)

Mary Harden,  Chef, Sous

Jennie Hedrick, Manager, Student Services (ACC)

Linda Herget, Specialist, Library Public Services

Veronica Hill, Custodian I

Robert Hing, Specialist, Systems & Technology Support

Jimmie Holton, Technician, HVAC

Jenn Hooke, Specialist, HR Information Systems

Thain Howell, Cook, Expo

Monica Hudson, Assistant, Administrative III

Kalyn Hughes, Specialist Student Services

George Jankowski, Specialist, Student Services

Steve Jensen, Custodian I

Nicki Johnson, Associate Teacher

Justin Joiner, Manager, Creative Marketing

Darlene Kaelin, Assistant, Administrative III

Kaycie Kilmurray, Manager, Student Success

John King, Manager, Building Services

Susanna Kirakosyan, Cook, Prep (PM)

Jackie Kisinger, Specialist, Help Desk/Telecommunications

Morgan Koenig, Assistant, Executive Admin I

Kathie Lake, Safety Officer

Stacy Landon, Technician, Library Services

Victoria LaPlante, Shift Lead, Emporium

Geraldine Lebsack, Specialist, Mail/Warehouse

Yulia Lenz, Specialist, Student Engagement & Activities

Arlene Lester-Carlson, Manager, Facilities & Events

Jill Loving, Assistant, Administrative III

Stephanie Maas, Coordinator, Student Hub

Tammy Kay Madigan, Custodian III

Stacy Maestas, Registrar

Jeffrey Manners, Custodian III

Mary Martin, Manager, ACES

Manuel Martinez, Plumber

Michelle Massey, Specialist II, Financial Aid

Kathryn Masters, Proctor, Exam Lab

Shereen Matheson, Analyst, HR Compensation

Austin Mathews, Specialist, Technology & Audiovisual Support

Dana McCammon, Specialist, Reporting & Support

Justin McCarrel, Analyst, Data Quality & Compliance

Jennifer McCartney, Director, Sponsored Awards & Compliance

Alli McCown, Assistant Director, Enrollment Services

Justin McCurdy, Technician, HVAC

Rachael McElroy, Coordinator, Non-Credit Technical Training

Mark McGuire, Project Manager, Construction

Jamie McKim, Manager, ACC Outreach & Workforce Development

Alex McKinney, Custodian I

David McVay, Supervisor, Mail & Warehouse

Ayana McWilliams, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

Holly Mikolaizik, Custodian I, Residential Living

Nicco Milatzo, Custodian II

Santino Milatzo, Custodian I

Vito Milatzo, Safey Officer

Jenn Miller, Teacher

Tara Miller, Technician, Campus Printing I

Michelle Mills, Technician, Campus Printing I

Edward Moeller, Custodian I, Residential Living

Lindsey Morris, Teacher

Laurie Mosshammer, Teacher

Caleb Munger, Specialist, Grounds I

Lenora Munoz, Assistant, Administrative III

Koreen Myers, Specialist, Employee Development & Relations

Melissa Nelson, Director, Residential Living

Amanda Newell, Specialist, Contracting & Procurement

Michael O’Connor, Safety Officer

Jay O’Halloran, Technician, Vehicle Maintenance

C.R. O’Hara, Manager, Agriculture & Equine Facilities

Karen O’Hara, Specialist, Financial Aid I

Peter Oswald, Specialist, Grounds I

Patrick Pace, Safety Officer

Blake Paintner, Senior Manager, Student Success

Erin Palmquist, Assistant, Administrative III

Angie Parks, Generalist, Human Resources

Laura Patridge, Specialist, Web Content

Brandi Payne Cervera, Director, Financial Aid

Fernando Perez, Head Coach, Men’s Soccer

Kelsie Pierson, Assistant, Administrative I 

Carleen Piper, Technician, Payroll II

Leslie Pixley, Assistant, Administrative I

Allen Price, Coach, Student Success

Rhonda Priest, Program Manager, CPM & Business Training

Mark Puev, Director, Athletics

Trish Rader, Coach, Student Success 

Amanda Ramsey, Assistant, Executive Administrative I 

Mike Randall, Specialist, Web Design

Careen Read, Technician, Payroll I

Doug Redding, Custodian I

Courtney Roberts, Specialist, Creative Design II

Stacey Rorabaugh, Specialist, Events & Accounting

Judy Russell, Assistant Director, Children’s Discovery Center

Paige Salas, Custodian I

DeWayne Saulsberry, Head Coach, Men’s Basketball

Mike Sayers, Supervisor, Campus Safety

John Schneider, Analyst, Systems Support

Casey Schoeneberg, Technician, Mechanical & Plumbing, Residential Living

Patrick Scrak, Dishwasher

Aolani Seui, Baker

Lacey Shandera, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Zach Shaver, Head Coach, Women’s Volleyball

Laura Sigsbury, Specialist, Technical Support II

Elizabeth Smith, Teacher

Michelle Smith, Instructor, Adult Basic Education

Sarah Smith, Director, Institutional Research

Lisa Snyder, Teacher

Caroline Soules, Assistant Registrar

Sean StanleyB, Custodian I

Seth Stafanik, Senior Cook

Josh Stephenson, Specialist, Systems & Technology Support

Margarita Stokes, Assistant, Administrative I

David Stokowski, Coordinator, Learning Experience

Beth Storer, Director, Children’s Discovery Center

Traci Strong, Technician, Accounting II - Payables

Cortney Sutcliffe, Coach, Student Sucess

Misty Swainson, Senior Specialist, Office of the Registrar

Alexa Temte, Assistant, Executive Administrative III to Administration 

Erika Terrill, Coordinator, GEAR UP

Josh Thein, Specialist, Technical Support II

K.D. Thurman, Manager, Student Success

Troy Tomlinson, Supervisor, Custodial Services

Sarah Torney, Custodian I

Maggie Trainer, Custodian I

Nia Trejo, Assistant, Catering

Josh Trujillo, Custodian I

Robert Uncapher, Custodian II

Mike Uribe, Coach, Student Success

Matt Urschel, Senior Analyst, Research

Anita Valdez, Custodian I

Kat Vest, Sous Chef

David Vinatieri, TLocksmith

Kaitlyn Vliem, Associate Teacher

Tim Wallis, Technician, Mechanical/HVAC

Yvonne Wehr, Specialist/Clinic Manager, Dental Hygiene

Brook Weibel, Teacher

Marta Welch, Associate Teacher

William Wentroble, Custodian I

Bettina Wheeler, Specialist, Office of the Registrar

Carissa White, Specialist, Student Accounts Receivable

Ted Wickham, Manager, Network

Dawn Williams, Assistant, Administrative II

Trista Wood, Director, Accounting LCCC Foundation

Holly Woods, Associate Teacher

Jayden Yizar, Custodian I

Bret Zerger, Counselor, Mental Health; Counseling & Campus Wellness

Shaun Ziegler, Director, Budget

Tony Zimny, Interim Assistant Director, Residential Living & Learning